Month: August 2016

Are you having hard homeschooling days? Come on over and read my tips on how you can turn your hard days into a blessing.

How to turn your hard homeschooling days into a blessing!

As homeschoolers, we know how important it is to plan out our homeschool year. When we plan out our year there are many things we consider. We think about what days we will take off throughout the year. What lessons we are doing each day. What curriculum we are going to use for each subject. And […] Read more…

Are you a homeschool mom looking for encouragement? Come on over and read 20 encouraging posts written by 20 homeschool moms sharing from their heart.

Finding Encouragement In Your Homeschooling Journey

My friend Amy from Rock Your Homeschool had an AMAZING blog party throughout the month of July called 20 Days of Homeschooling Encouragement. I was a contributor to this awesome homeschool blog party and it was so much fun! We had 19 other amazing homeschool moms that participated because they wanted to encourage other homeschool moms. They all […] Read more…