Month: April 2017

Simple ways to be intentional with the plethora of information, samples, and catalogs that you receive at a homeschool convention.

Being Intentional With all that Information from a Homeschool Convention

Every year for the last three years I have attended the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention held in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel. The convention is three days of sessions and an exhibit hall that is filled with information, notes, tips, brochures, handouts, advice, books, and curriculum. You can imagine how many paper piles up! […] Read more…

Intentionally teaching to your child's gifts brings powerful quality to your child's learning. 7 tips for intentionally teaching to your child's gifts are:

Intentionally Teaching to Your Child’s Gifts

  If you and I sat down to chat about intentionally teaching to your child’s gifts, I am guessing you already know where your child naturally shines. Each of us know there are things we just learn easily, and the same is true for your child. Intentionally teaching to your child’s gifts can enrich the […] Read more…

Tricia shares 5 intentional steps to creating great health habits. Her tips are both simple and practical to follow and implement in your own life.

5 Intentional Steps to Creating Great Health Habits

You already know a healthy lifestyle will lead to a better quality of life but did you know that in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle it’s absolutely necessary to be intentional about creating and implementing good health habits? I’m a busy homeschool mom and just like you I get tired and overwhelmed. I often […] Read more…