Month: June 2018

Have you ever asked yourself the question..."God, couldn't you have given me easier boys?" If the answer is yes, or if you’ve questioned His love for you because of your “hard" thing, you may need to hear this.

When You’re Mad at God for Giving You Hard-to-Handle Boys

“God, couldn’t you have given me easier boys?” It’s a question I’ve asked God many, many times since realizing my two blessings were of the “hard-to-handle” type. So often I’ve wished He had given me easier boys, quieter boys, boys who love to read instead of run, build instead of blast. I’ve spent time on […] Read more…

If you are concerned about raising Godly boys, the first thing you need to remember is Relationship Before Rules. Those three words sum up wise, intentional parenting.

Concerned About Raising Godly Boys? Remember Relationship Before Rules

Are you concerned about raising Godly boys? Remember *relationship before rules*! Raising Godly Boys: Relationship Before Rules I heard my homeschool podcasting buddy, Dr. Melanie Wilson, say something about parenting that was simple and profound: Relationship before rules. Those 3 words sum up wise, intentional parenting for raising Godly boys. I have 4 sons, so […] Read more…

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