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Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective


This Introduction to Psychology is different from other Psychology courses. We want teens to like Psych! Therefore this text is: – No-busywork and fun – Has applications to real life – Short, readable lessons that an average teen can read and enjoy. – Includes meaningful, individualized activities that honors students can use to build a rigorous credit. – 50% off during the conference

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World Poetry: Reading and Writing

This downloadable workbook gives teens a glimpse of various world cultures BUT not in a stuffy, boring format. This 5-week guide shares famous examples of each type of poetry, then teens write their own poems in each style. Week 1: Poetry of Korea: Sijo Week 2: Poetry of Japan: Haiku, Senryu, and Tanka Week 3: Poetry of Persia, Middle East, and Northern Africa: Ghazal Week 4: Fun Poetry of Europe: Limericks Week 5: Poetry of Israel: Psalms

FREE during the conference using code: FreePoetry at checkout.

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