Angel Penn

Hey girlfriend! I'm Angel - a deeply devoted follower of Jesus Christ, wife to James, mom to three princes & a ministry speaker. This counselor turned homeschool mama loves to provide daily adventures for my boys while encouraging them to learn about the big, busy world around them. With a cold latte in hand and my latest read under my arm, I'm usually seen running around chasing little people. In my spare time, you will catch me spending time with family and friends, at live music festivals and on the hunt for a new favorite dessert.
Pine tree with a pine cone and snow.

How to Be Intentional During the Christmas Holiday Season

Ah, the holiday season—a beautiful time of year filled with festive lights, joyous gatherings, and the spirit of giving in the United States. As the festive buzz of holiday spending surrounds us, it’s a good time to reflect on the past year and look forward to new beginnings in the coming one. Here, let’s embark […] Read more…

As parents, we understand that it is no easy feat to raise Godly sons. There is so much pressure on them everywhere they go to be something other than what God created them to be. As parents, we can take action to by embracing 4 steps that will help us to raise Godly sons.

4 Ways to Raise Godly Sons to Become Leaders

It is the desire of every parent to raise healthy, happy children. But you know, our goal for them should be to do more. It’s not enough for our children to be content with just being happy. For them to “simply” be happy implies that their emotional state depends upon external circumstances. Great weather, our […] Read more…