Tatiana Adurias

Tatiana is a follower of Jesus, wife and mum to one boy and five girls. Her mission is to inspire and encourage moms to raise kids who long to walk with Jesus, by equipping them with the tools to strengthen their faith, and teach their children to stand up for theirs. She's a compulsive organizer, lover of books and coffee. She blogs about mum life, home education and organized living  at The Musings of Mum. You can follow her on Instagram & Twitter  @themusingsofmum.
It's not enough to teach our boys to work hard, be kind and responsible, productive members of society. Teaching them to respect women is our job too. 

Raising Godly Boys Who Respect Women

I’m the oldest of four girls, raised by a single mother. Sadly, godly men were not abundant in our family. According to the National Center for Fathering, almost every social ill faced by America’s children is related to fatherlessness. Their article “The Consequences of Fatherlessness” states that: Being raised by a single mother raises the risk […] Read more…