Homeschooling Hard Things Series

This article is about two moms who share their stories of homeschooling their children while they battled through their personal illness.

Homeschooling Through Personal Illness: Homeschool Mom Interviews

The following two interviews are from moms who homeschool their children while they’re battling through their personal illness. They have asked to remain anonymous. I hope that my readers appreciate the honesty of their stories.  As a parent coping with a personal illness it can get very scary at times. You can’t help but feel […] Read more…

Have a crazy schedule while you are trying to homeschool? Wondering how you can do it all? Here are 10 tips to help you manage your crazy schedule.

How to Homeschool In the Midst of a Crazy Schedule

When a Crazy Schedule Creates Doubts “How do you do it all?” As a homeschool mom, you probably hear this question quite often from shocked outsiders and concerned friends. Being a mom is a tough enough job. Adding the responsibility of home educating ups that game. Sometimes, you may even ask yourself that same question. […] Read more…

Need some homeschool encouragement? 20+ Contributors are coming together to share their stories on how they homeschool in the midst of hard things.

Homeschool Encouragement In The Midst Of Hard Things

Homeschool encouragement is something that we all need from time to time especially when we are going through a crisis. There are so many homeschool families that are going through a crisis right now while they’re trying to homeschool their children and I want to let you know you aren’t alone!  Homeschooling in many ways […] Read more…