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Here are some practical ways to organize your HOMEschool space while creating a loving, relaxing and enjoyable space in your home.

Practical Ways To Organize Your HOMEschool Space

  Creating an organized HOMEschool space in your home is not very hard to do. In fact, it’s easy. No, really it is! The only thing you need to organize your HOMEschool space is love. Now hear me out! I know you are thinking what does love got to do with organizing your homeschool space. It HAS a lot to […] Read more…

Simple ways to be intentional with the plethora of information, samples, and catalogs that you receive at a homeschool convention.

Being Intentional With all that Information from a Homeschool Convention

  Every year for the last three years I have attended the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention held in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel. The convention is three days of sessions and an exhibit hall that is filled with information, notes, tips, brochures, handouts, advice, books, and curriculum. You can imagine how much paper piles […] Read more…

Learn about intentional learning fun in your homeschool plus get five great tips for helping your implement this positive practice.

How to Have Intentional Learning Fun in Your Homeschool

Have you ever asked your kids what they remember from your homeschool day?  How do they respond to recalling last week’s homeschool lessons?  Or have loved ones, even strangers, asked your kids about their homeschooling experiences?  How do your kids answer? I ask you these questions based on personal experience.  When we began homeschooling and […] Read more…

Did you know that intentional homeschool planning is still possible even if you are a non-planner mom? You are gonna love this. Thank me later!

Intentional Homeschool Planning for the Non-Planner Mom

You read that right! Intentional homeschool planning for the non-planner mom. Welcome to homeschool non-planners anonymous; Hi, I’m Forest Rose, a homeschool mom and a blogger at Kingdom First Homeschool and I don’t plan. (teehee) That’s my confession… I am NOT a planner. Before you start throwing tomatoes let me explain. I’ve never been a […] Read more…

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