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Ultimate Independent Kid's Planner


Raise your hand if you want your kids to be INDEPENDENT?

Who’s tired of doing ALL. THE. THINGS. and sounding like a broken record? Having independent kids is not a myth, I promise. It is absolutely possible with the right tools.

The Ultimate Independent Kid’s Binder has all the tools your child needs to make this dream a reality! What’s in The Ultimate Independent Kid’s Binder? 50 different planner pages with a total of 222 pages set up ready to print!

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Scripture Affirmation Cards for Homeschool Moms ($5

Description: These printable cards are designed to help homeschool moms build confidence, resilience, and a strong sense of self-worth grounded in their faith. The affirmations focus on key themes such as strength, courage, wisdom, love, and God's provision, providing a powerful reminder of the many ways in which they are loved and valued by their Creator.

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