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Are you looking for online technology classes for your child? Is your child interested in learning coding, robotics, web design, 3-D modeling for games, etc? And you’re wondering, “How in the world am I going to cover these topics when you aren’t tech-savvy?” Well, I’m here to tell you that I have found a fantastic choice for online technology classes for homeschoolers.

teenage boy doing a coding class on his laptop


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Discovering MYTEK LAB for Online Technology Classes

Since I can remember my oldest son has been able to easily understand technology in a way that has taken me a while to learn myself. I can say he has always been tech-savvy. I’m always looking for online technology classes that would help him dig deeper into how technology works.

Technology has always been an area of interest to my oldest since he was young. He is a creator, explorer, and inventor at heart and is consistently creating things.

As he got older I saw his desire to want to learn more about creating and developing things for himself rather than using what others have created. So it has been on my radar to look for online technology classes that would teach and challenge him to develop the skills he needs in a technology-driven world.

It’s been hard to find quality online technology classes that would not only teach the why but also the how. I wanted the online technology classes my son could take to prepare him for the future.

This year when I discovered MYTEK LAB I was SO excited because it was exactly what I was looking for in an online technology program. I couldn’t wait to share it with my son. When I showed him all the classes they offered he jumped in and choose Technology Lab 1.

teenage boy doing a coding class on his laptop

An Overview of MYTEK LAB- OnlineTechnology Classes

What is MYTEK LAB?

MYTEK LAB was created by Stephen and Jacky Souders because they wanted to offer their students a real-life approach to technology education. They had both the passion and skillsets to create online technology classes for students in grades 3rd-12th.

What does MYTEK LAB have to offer?

  • They offer a variety of different classes from specialized beginner to advance topics.
  • Classes are available live as well as recorded for those that aren’t able to attend live.
  • High school students can earn a computer education credit by taking any of their courses.
  • User-friendly dashboard for both the student and parents.
  • The students’ dashboard gives them access to everything they need for their weekly assignments, application to complete their projects, recorded videos, etc.
  • The parents’ dashboard helps monitor their child’s progress.
  • Parents receive email reminders for their live help, 15 minutes before class begins, and once the week’s recorded class is available in your student dashboard.
  • All the materials your student will need is access to a computer with the internet to view the classes and their assignments.
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Side note: MYTEK LAB does recommend but is not necessary to have a second device like another computer, phone, or IPAD for those students that would like to watch the lesson and follow along when doing their assignments.

teenage boy doing a coding class on his laptop

3 Great Benefits of Using MYTEK LAB- Online Technology Classes

1) Great for all learning styles.

Their classes cater to all learning styles which makes this homeschool mama very happy. As a mom, I look for curriculums and programs that will not only teach my child the information but also teach them in the way they learn best. I really like how there is a mixture of materials that are used for teaching a lesson. There are either live video classes or pre-recorded videos (visual/audio), lesson notes (reading), submitting their assignments (writing), and using the application (software) to do their assignment using the computer (kinesthetic).

2) Mr. MYTEK explains the technology lessons in a practical and engaging way.

Mr. MYTEK is such a great teacher. He has a way of explaining the technology concepts to the students so they can easily understand. He makes the lessons come to life and engages with his students during his live sessions. He also engages with his students by providing feedback on his student’s assignments. You can definitely tell that he cares for his students and wants them to do well in his classes.

3) MYTEK LAB offers support and assistance to their students.

As a busy mom knowing that my child can get support and assistance from their teacher throughout the year is a BIG win for me. Especially since I’m not that tech-savvy like my son. I like how they provide support both via email and through live help sessions. I also appreciate how they give feedback on your student’s weekly assignments.

One of the things my son liked was being able to see other students’ projects and being able to like and comment on them. I find it pretty neat that they have been able to build a positive and encouraging community among their students.

My Teen’s Thoughts About MYTEK LAB- Online Technology Classes

When I asked my teen what he enjoyed about MYTEK LAB he said…

I likes the way the class is set up and how easy it is for me to find everything I need. The pre-recorded videos are helpful to have because I can pause the video to do my assignment at my own pace. I also really likes how Mr. MYTEK is relatable and engaging in his classes.

Another cool feature I appreciates is that if I ever need help or gets stuck in one of the assignment I can either email Mr. MYTECK or attend one of their live help session. I’m looking forward to improving my tech skills!

teenage boy doing a coding class on his laptop

My Thoughts About MYTEK LAB- Online Technology Classes

I am really glad that I discovered MYTEK LAB. I know this is a program that I will definitely be using with my two other sons when they get a bit older because they, too, are tech-savvy. I’m a creator at heart and to see all the classes and opportunities to learn a new skill in the technology world gets me excited.

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I recently mentioned to my son that I, too, want to do the classes with him. I can definitely sharpen up my skills. I’m always up for a new challenge. PLUS I know it can help me in my business.

Here are a few things that I personally like about MYTEK.

  • There is no prep work from me. My son just needs to log in and everything he needs is on his dashboard. He needs help with his assignments, his teacher will help him.
  • The live classes are reasonably priced. Given the type of classes that they offer and having an expert in the field of technology education teach your child new skill sets is totally worth it.
  • Their courses are high school level and count towards a computer education credit. I love that my son can earn a high school credit diving deeper into a topic that interests him.
  • I love that it encourages my son to be creative. He has the opportunity to use the new skills learned and see what other things he can create on his own.

All in all, I would recommend MYTEK LAB to anyone that is looking for online technology classes for their child.

Give MYTEK LAB Online Technology Classes a Try

If you’ve been wanting to add technology classes to your homeschool, then you’ll want to head over to MYTEK LAB and setup a parent account now.  You will be glad you did!

To learn more about MYTEK LAB, visit their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram!

BONUS: Listen to Mr. MYTEK as he about the importance of technology education in today’s world.

teenage boy doing a coding class on his laptop

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