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Have you ever asked your kids what they remember from your homeschool day? How do they respond to recalling last week’s homeschool lessons? Or have loved ones, even strangers, asked your kids about their homeschooling experiences? How do your kids answer?

I ask you these questions based on personal experience. When we began homeschooling and my boys were asked these questions, they would stare off into space for a few minutes, trying hard to provide history facts or math drills.

It was during one of these catching flies with mouths open wide moments that I had a homeschool mom revelation. Did I really care if my boys could spew out boring facts and figures?

I had to ask myself these important questions:  Why are we homeschooling? What type of learning environment do I want to create for my family? Are we obeying our call to homeschooling and working to fulfill our promises to God?

When we began our homeschool adventures, the road was bumpy. It was like driving down an old country lane. Bumpity-bumpity-bump!

Numerous stops along our homeschool journey have resulted in those “aha” moments that made me hit the pause button and make a few adjustments to our homeschool engine. The wit and wisdom from homeschool gurus, like Julie Bogart and her Brave Writer Language Arts and Writing programs, have helped make our homeschool road smoother.

What is Intentional Learning Fun?

After some trial and tribulation, I realized that my boys and I thrive when we have intentional learning fun. With our combination of learning styles and personalities, intentional learning fun is the best way to meet the needs of all family members.

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Intentional learning fun is purposeful and planned. Although my boys and I do enjoy spontaneous bursts of learning fun, we have found the most pleasure and benefit when we have intentional learning fun with purpose, anticipation, and connection.

I think it is just as important to state what is not intentional learning fun. There is no pressure, no expectations, and not complicated. Sometimes, it helps to understand a topic when you know what it is not. 😉

5 Tips for Intentional Learning Fun in Your Homeschool

  1.  Go for Connection, Not Perfection:  I gave this tip during my Facebook Live talk and I think it is important to repeat. Do not place idealized expectations upon your kids or yourself. Let go of preconceived notions and just roll with it!
  2. Have a Plan:  To quote Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Jot down a list of homeschool fun ideas. Better yet, pop on over to Rock Your Homeschool and grab one of my free monthly homeschool fun calendars.  Prevent the deer in headlights effect when trying to think of something fun to do. With a plan, you will have something fun to anticipate.
  3. Easy Prep Work:  Don’t overcomplicate. You can have tons of intentional learning fun with simple activities, crafts, and games. Less mess = less stress!
  4. Select Activities Based on Your Kids’ Interests:  Don’t you love the light you see in your child’s eyes when they are talking about a subject that they are passionate about? Jump on that, mama! Immerse yourself in their interests and find ways to include for intentional learning fun in your homeschool.
  5. Broaden Their Horizons: Additionally, picking something totally outside their regular experiences could make for fantastic learning fun! You just never know what your kids may find delight in. Think of a topic or hobby that you like and share with your kids. You may open the doors to a whole new world and shared interest, like opera or knitting.
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I hope that you have found encouraging words and tips on how to have intentional learning fun in your homeschool. I would love for you to share your secrets on how you make learning fun intentional in your homeschool and family!

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  1. Well said, Amy! I absolutely LOVE this post. What terrific advice to optimize the kids’ learning, and it is so much more fun to teach this way for the parents, too! 🙂

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