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 I received this product free of charge for review purposes and was compensated for my time. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I was not required to post a positive review of the product.

Homeschool Math is a subject that shouldn’t be the cause of tears or fears, even though it’s been that way for many of us.

I know how frustrating it can be for both parent and child when the math program that they had chosen isn’t a great fit for them.

I totally get it!

We all have been there.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Allow me to share with you a homeschool math curriculum that will take the tears and fears away and bring back both the joy and peace into your homeschool.

So which homeschool math curriculum am I talking about?

I’m talking about Teaching Textbooks.

Our back story….

A few years ago, a friend of mine recommended Teaching Textbooks and even showed me the program. It looked great!

But at that time I was already using a math curriculum that was working well for us.

Fast forward to a year ago, that math program wasn’t woking for my oldest son anymore. So, I decided to go ahead and give Teaching Textbooks free trial a try. 

Boy, I was so glad I did, and so was my son!

I LOVED that not only would the teacher teach the lesson but he would ask questions that my son would have to answer in order to make sure he was understanding the math concept. PLUS he would give my son feedback right away.

What I mean by that is that the teacher would teach the lesson, ask a series of practice questions and ask my son for the answers. If my son got it correct he would praise him and if he got it wrong he would give him a second chance to try again. If he still got it wrong he would go over the problem with my son.

Can you hear that?!? That sweet music playing in the background…I had finally found a homeschool math curriculum that had what I was looking for…a self-directed interactive math program.  🙂 

But that’s not all….

When I heard that Teaching Textbooks was rolling out 4.0 I was so looking forward to upgrading. I had tried their 3.0 version a year ago and it was hit in our home. I was excited to see what new features were added!

My son was exited to hear the news as well. He really enjoyed their math program and had asked me if we could continue using it for his math curriculum.

That’s what every mama wants to hear… right?!? Well, for this mama it was music to my ears. lol

It became time to upgrade and both my son and I couldn’t believe all the wonderful new features they had added.

I can definitely say that they know how to serve their homeschool families.

What is Teaching Textbooks 4.0?

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is an app-based homeschool math curriculum that covers grades 3 through Pre-Calculus. They teach using the spiral approach. What that means is that the math concepts are visited over and over again throughout the math curriculum. This helps your child not to forget the math concepts learned in previous lessons which helps them to master the concepts taught throughout the course.

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This particular math program is great for all learning styles as well. It was brilliant how they were able to incorporate all the learning styles into one awesome app. Give it a try and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. 🙂

Throughout the lessons the child is engaged through audio (listening to the lesson), visual (seeing the lessons explained), writing/reading (using the scratch pad to listen/read/write out their problems), and kinesthetics, (moving their hands while using a computer mouse or their hands if using a tablet). 

This is another reason why I like this math program a lot because it caters to all learning styles in such a natural and fun way. 

Giving love to this Homeschool Math-Based App as a Busy Mama!

Being a busy mama of three very active boys, and all in different stages and ages ,I needed a math curriculum that would help my child thrive. A curriculum that would be self-directed…because let’s face it when you have littles, elementary, middle and high school students to teach and help it can get quite hectic quite quickly.

young boys reviewing a homeschool math program on a laptop

Even my little ones joined in on the math lesson.

Here’s My List of What I love that Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Homeschool Math-Based App Offers…

  • Is user-friendly.
  • Is perfect for self-directed learners.
  • It helps and encourages independent learning.
  • Kids can earn extra points in bonus rounds.
  • It’s flexible.
  • You can do the lessons offline.
  • Lessons are interactive and engaging.
  • The lessons are short and sweet.
  • Free tutoring over the phone. (You rarely see that being offered in other math curriculums.)
  • An automated grading system.
  • And for those who prefer a written textbook TT offers an ebook as well.
  • Perfect for all the different learning styles.
  • It teaches using the spiral approach.
  • Is a math-based app which is accessible through other devices (available on Mac, Windows, App and Google Play)
  • Has a parent and student dashboard.
  • Provides the textbook in ebook format which I can print out.
  • Has animated stickers, new buddies, wall paper and hit sounds to choose from.

In Addition to All That I’ve Already Mentioned Above I Can Also…

  • Print out the grade book for my records.
  • Reset questions, lessons, and tests if I need to.
  • Request an extension if a special circumstance occurs where my child needs extra time to complete a level after the 12 month subscription has ended.
  • Go back into each lesson and see which problems my son got incorrect so I can go over it with them.
  • Pause a subscription for up to 90 days total, (a week at a time), for when we take breaks, go on vacation or if a life changing event occurs.

Below is My Son’s Review of Teaching Textbook 4.0- A Homeschool Math

I have tried TeachingTextbooks version 3.0 before but I like the 4.0 version so much better. 

I like the animated buddies that make it more enjoyable. Plus, I also like having choices to pick my own stickers, hint sounds and wallpapers which are all new features. 

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Sticker Book Screenshot

One of the features I like best is that I get automatic feedback on my progress. It helps me know if I understood the math concepts that were taught in the lesson I’m working on. 

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I also enjoy picking my own buddy. My favorite buddy is the Squadron Robot. For every question you get right a part of the robot gets put on the robot until it’s done then it’s sent out into the world. Cool!

My least favorite buddy is the Candy Princes because she likes to say how good SHE is at doing math,(personally she’s annoying), but I know I’m the REAL smart one. LOL

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Buddies Screenshot

Let me share one last feature with you that I like and that’s the scratch pad. This makes it easy to work on my math problems right on the app. There is no need for me to use my notebook and pencil to solve my math problems when I can do it all on the computer. 

All in all, I really enjoy using this Math program.

WOW!! He really liked it, and he did great with his review.

Are You Excited to Try It Out Yourself?

I encourage you to give Teaching Textbooks a try. It is definitely a stress-free way of learning Math and a great way to keep up with Math, especially when you have multiples to teach.

If you are like me you prefer to have a test drive before you make a purchase, so go on over and try out their free trial.

Don’t worry, there is no credit card required or any need to cancel before the trials ends. You can try as many levels as you need and get access to the first 15 lessons with no time limit. How wonderful is that?!?

Now this is worth mentioning….

If after the free trial you decide that this would be a great fit for your family and you purchase a subscription, your child’s work won’t be lost and you can transfer the lessons they completed over and just keep on going.

>>>Discount Alert<<<

The Large-Family Discount works for a family of four to eight students. Students will only receive access to one level per year. You will pay $199.08 for the year and have access to one level per student which is such an amazing deal! 

In Closing Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Homeschool Math…

Did NOT disappoint! They have created a user-friendly, interactive, offline, comprehensive homeschool math curriculum with many great benefits and features that will make teaching math to your child easy, fun and stress-free. PLUS it will help them become a self-directed learner. Try it out today!

See a Demonstration of the TeachingTextbooks 4.0

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Which features are you most excited about?

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