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As a homeschooling mom of three boys I’m always on the look out for resources, courses, curriculums, etc that will help my sons grow in specific areas. It’s not always easy finding those resources. There is a lot of trial and error that goes on at times when I’m searching the right curriculum.

One of the things I search for when looking over curriculums for my sons is, in my view, is it boy friendly.

What I mean by that is that I ask myself a few questions like…

  1. Is it a hands-on curriculum?
  2. Does it teach to my child’s learning style?
  3. Does it pique their interest?
  4. Would it challenge them to grow and learn?
  5. Does it explain why things work the way they do? (Explains the Facts).
  6. Is the curriculum flexible?
  7. Does it teach life skills?
  8. What benefits this curriculum has to offer?

I know that not all curriculums are made specifically for boys so I go over my list in my head when I’m considering a new curriculum for any of them. I also like to get my sons feedback as well before I move forward with something new.

Now I’m not saying that I wouldn’t try something if it didn’t meet my requirements above but in general those are the things I look for in a curriculum.

Well, I found that CTCMath online program meets all of my requirements for being a boy friendly curriculum. We have been using CTCMath for over two years now and we love it.

Here are 3 Three Top Benefits That CTCMath Offers For Teaching Boys

Boys are very active, curious, love to learn and be challenged. They need their lessons to be short and to the point, go at their own pace and teach to their learning style. This will help them be successful in whatever subject they are learning, in this case math.

This is exactly what CTCMath has to offer in their online math program.

The benefits that CTCMath has to offer for teaching boys are many but I will touch on what I see as the top three…

1. Lessons are short.

It’s important for my sons lessons to be short so they can stay focused and engaged on their lesson. Each lesson is easy to follow along and my sons know exactly what is expected. The video tutorials last about 10 minutes. Each video tutorial explains a concept of the math lesson step-by-step which makes it easy to understand. The number of math problems given after each lesson are not many so it’s not overwhelming.

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2. Your son can work at his own pace.

Each child learns differently. It may take one child a week to learn a concept/skill while it may take another child just one day. In being able to do their lessons at their own pace it teaches them responsibility, encourages independence and builds their self-confidence. It also will encourage them to keep on going even when they struggle in grasping a specific concept/skill because they can take their time and learn it without being rushed. In fact it also help them not become overwhelmed and makes learning math more enjoyable and less stressful.

3. CTCMath is great for different learning styles.

It is important to know your child’s learning style because when you teach to his learning style he will be more receptive and enjoy learning. There are many different types of learning styles but CTCMath covers the four most common learning styles in their program

The 4 learning styles that is integrated into CTCMath online math program are Visual/Spatial, Auditory, Tactile, and Kinesthetic. CTCMath does a great job with incorporating all 4 common learning styles into their program.

Here’s how they do it…..

When your son starts his math lesson, he first watches a video. In watching that video he is seeing how to do his math lesson (Visual/Spatial) and listening (Auditory) as the teacher explains how to solve the problem.

When he is done watching the video he then clicks on over to do the math exercises based on the lesson he was taught. So moving the mouse on the computer and typing in their answer to the problem (Tactile/Kinesthetic). You can also print out the math questions and have him work on it that way as well (Tactile/Kinesthetic).

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The Benefits that CTCMath Offers For Teaching Boys are Fantastic!

CTCMath has been a great fit for my oldest son. Math has become an enjoyable subject again and definitely stress-free.

It is definitely a curriculum that I recommend hands down!

If you like to be able to check out the program before you buy it go ahead and sign up for their Free Trial and see how CTC Math can work for you and your family. ?

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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Want to hear more about the Benefits of Using CTCMath?

In the video below I share about all the wonderful benefits that this online math program has to offer you and why so many homeschool families love this online math curriculum and are making the switch.

I also share how CTCMath not only teaches math but also life skills!

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I’ll walk you through every single awesome feature so you can get a real feel for why so many homeschool families love this online math curriculum. Now you can watch my full CTCMath Review here.

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