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Years ago, our Wednesday night Pastor was going through the book of Revelation and my husband and I we were hooked on end times prophecy. This inspired us to do an in-depth Bible study on the book Daniel as a family. The greatest thing about this family study was that our oldest kids, ages 11 and 12 at the time would take turns in leading it. We spent a couple of hours reading and discussing one chapter at a time, every Saturday morning.

This weekly gathering was a success because it was intentional. The time was set aside. It was expected.

The Remarkable Truth About Intentional Family Devotions


Intentional Commitment Requires Dedication

On day one of this series, Jessica talked about the many hats we busy moms wear. She encouraged us to embrace the season we’re in and to make serious commitments to get into the word. Our individual relationship with the Lord matters. Our children need to see this. They ought to see that sometimes true intentional commitment requires sacrifice and dedication.

Intentional family devotions should be just as important.

How can, after all, a 4-year-old hear the Word of God if you don’t read it to him?

I’ve been a Sunday school teacher for 10 years. Sunday school teachers are seed planters. Every Sunday I get to share God’s love with little kids. I get to encourage them to share the word of God with at least one person each week. Too often, I run into families who faithfully bring their children to Sunday school every week; yet fail to include God in their day-to-day activities. Much less have intentional devotional time as a family.

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Intentional teaching of the word of God it’s not just up to you child’s Sunday school teacher. It’s your job as a parent.

Parenting is Hard

I met a friend who I haven’t seen in a very long time earlier this week, and these were the first 3 words out of her mouth, parenting is hard. In fact, I lost count of how many more times she repeated these words during out two-hour meeting. It was a rough week for both of us. Parenting teens and young adults makes things even more complicated, especially when you’re going at it without God’s help. We have to keep in mind that parenting is not a solo sport, God is there to support and guide us, He even gave us a handbook with clear instructions.

Direct your children onto the right path,
and when they are older, they will not leave it.
Proverbs 22:6

How will you direct your child onto the right path, if you don’t spend time on the word with them? When should you start directing them?

Don’t wait until the teen years. By then, it’s often too late.

The Remarkable Truth About Intentional Family Devotions

That family Saturday morning study I mentioned, later inspired my son to lead a group of boys, in an in-depth study of the book of Matthew. Here was a group of 10 boys, ages 15 to 17 gathering every Monday night for Bible study. No adults were involved in any way. The boys rotated hosting the study at a different location, they brought snacks to share, prayed for one another, read and discussed the passage. The weekly meetings went on for nearly two years!

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Now that’s remarkable.

The Remarkable Truth About Intentional Family Devotions

I urge you to set a time for intentional family devotions today.

Plan to include all your children regardless of their age. Little ones can color, play or sit on your lap, as you read the word of God to them. Include them, they’re listening, they’re watching, they’re learning.

The remarkable truth about intentional family devotions is that your children will remember not just the words you shared, but also the fellowship. They will remember that you took time out of your busy and sometimes hurried life to stop, and acknowledge the God of the universe that holds them in His hands.

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8 Comments on The Remarkable Truth About Intentional Family Devotions

  1. I love this! Being intentional with setting aside specific time for family devotions reinforces to your children how important it is time spend time in God’s Word. It also helps them to learn how to study it for themselves and encourages more time together as a family.

  2. “Intentional teaching of the word of God it’s not just up to you child’s Sunday school teacher. It’s your job as a parent.” **YES a thousand times YES!**

    I used to be a Sunday school teacher myself and I said this often. I’m sure I even wrote it in a post somewhere lol! As parents, we are 99% their spiritual leader everything else is just extra. If we aren’t living it– they aren’t learning it. Thanks for sharing this truth my friend!
    forest rose recently posted…5 Ways to Communicate Better with Your ChildrenMy Profile

    • Thank you Forest! I can’t even tell you how many times kids tell me there was no mention of God or prayer at home. This is why we’re loosing our kids to the world.

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