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Do you want to live a more intentional life in 2018? I know I do! It’s not easy at times to live an intentional life, especially in the world that we live in that is SO full of noise. Those noises that distract us from what is really important like our relationship with God, our marriage, ourselves and our children.

We all are looking for ways to be intentional in our lives aren't we? Come on over and join our Intentional in Life Sisterhood as we discuss the different articles in the Intentional Life Series: Purposeful Living, Loving and Growing Moms.

I’m SO excited to share that in the month of February 2018 we will be going over ALL the Intentional Life Series: Purposeful Living, Loving and Growing Moms posts in our Intentional in Life Sisterhood facebook group. I want to invite you to join us there for giveaways, discussions, fb lives, encouragement and so much more!

We will be sharing about how to be intentional in different areas of our lives with the intent of serving Christ in all that we do, but that’s not all!! You will also hear from several fantastic bloggers as they share from their hearts on topics that they are passionate about.

Every day a post from the series will be shared in the group and we will be discussing the article and how we can apply it in our own lives. We will also be sharing tips and resources that can help us be more intentional in the different areas that will be discussed. You will also be able to ask questions and find encouragement in the group.

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Meet the fantastic bloggers that were part of the Intentional Life Series

You are going to be SO encouraged by these women and what they all shared in their guest posts. I encourage you to go on over and check out their blogs…. they ALL have encouraging articles and resources that you will find useful.

Intentional Ways In Helping Busy Moms Get Into God’s Word by Jessica Anderson (Me!) at Intentional in Life

Intentional Homeschool Planning When You’re not a Planner by Forest Rose at Kingdom First homeschool

Intentional In Creating Homeschool Connections by Melissa ‘Sherwood’ Jones at Soaring Arrows

Why I Intentionally Don’t Over Schedule our Days by Leah Martin at My Little Robins

Intentional Time Management For Busy Mom Part 1 & Part 2 by Tauna Meyers at Proverbial Homemaker

How to be Intentional in Your Worship 4 Steps by Sandra Andrade at GraspLove

How to Intentionally Pursue Peace by Melanie Wilson at Psycho with 6

Intentional Learning Fun With Your Kids by Amy Milcic at Rock Your Homeschoool

5 Intentional Steps to Creating Great Health Habits by Tricia Soderstrom at Abounding In Hope With Lyme

The Remarkable Truth About Intentional Family Devotions by Tatiana Adurias at The Musings Of Mum

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Intentional Homeschooling: Teaching to ‘Your Child’s Gifts’ by Amy Michaels at Thrive Homeschooling

Being Intentional With all that Information from a Homeschool Convention by Tina Randolph at The Confessions Of A Domestic Bag Lady

How to Prioritize Intentional One-on-One Time with Each of Your Children by Tara Wohlfold at Minivan Ministries

 How I Failed to be Intentional by Dachelle Mayfield McVey at Hide The Chocolate

How to Be Intentional in Your Marriage When Life is a Mess by Lee Felix at Like Minded Musings

3 Secrets for Intentional Organization by Ashley N. White at Mommy’s Little Learners

3 Ways To Be Intentional During The Holidays by Angel Penn at Angel Penn

How to be Intentional with Christ in the Chaos of Life by Rhiannon Skeen

Don’t forget to join us over at my Intentional in Life Sisterhood facebook page where we will be discussing each article, answering questions and providing encouragement throughout the Intentional Life Series and the rest of the year. I hope to see you there!

Which article was the most helpful to you?

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