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Have you ever felt like you are rushing through life? Like every minute is accounted for? Don't rush through life mama. Savor the moment. Here's how.

Have you ever felt like you are rushing through life? Like every minute is accounted for? We have just a certain amount of time to get x, y, and z completed before we jump to do the next thing on our list. Don’t rush through life mama.

We are consistently rushing from one thing to another in hope that we can get everything done on time. By the end of the day we are left drained, moody, and overwhelmed. Our cup is empty. We crash on our beds and wake up the next day to do it all over again.

Why Are We Rushing?

Now, let’s be honest, we will ALWAYS have ONE more thing to do. We will ALWAYS have a to-do list no matter what stage in life we find ourselves in. We live in a world that everything around us demands our attention. Our lives are pulled in so many directions that we feel we need to rush to get it done. We see that the dishes need washing after breakfast, the legos need to be picked up and the laundry from last night needs to be put away and so on.

The sad thing is that we tend to put things before people. It is easy to get caught up with everything that we need to do that we overlook what is right in front of us. It’s so important that we don’t lose focus on what should be first in our lives, which is our relationship with God, our husband, and children.

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Don’t Rush Through Life Mama

Sometimes, we are so focused on surviving our to-do list that we forget about those around us. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of what we do is for our family. There are things that we need to do every day. I am not saying to ignore those things, but to put aside those other things that are not important at the moment. Don’t get so caught up with what you feel needs to be done that you lose out on creating memories.

In order to achieve living life rather than rushing through it, we need to set boundaries. We need to plan out our day in a more efficient way. We need to create a list that is manageable and realistic in the season that we find ourselves in. We need to give ourselves grace. If something doesn’t get done by the end of the day it is not the end of the world!

Savor the Moment

We should be LIVING life not rushing through it. We miss out on so much when we rush. We especially miss out on the little things that would make us smile and bring us peace. Like the sweet aroma of flowers when they bloom, the smile on our child’s face when they have discovered something new, or the strong embrace that your husband gives you when he comes home from work. We shouldn’t miss those sweet things, but we do every day.

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There are things that you can put on hold in order to savor the moment that has come your way. For example, like when I delayed washing the dishes in order to go outside to play with my boys or had a picnic under the tree instead of rushing to get another load of laundry done. Even though all those things need to be done it can wait. It is important to focus on the relationships in our lives and to enjoy making memories with your family.

I don’t think any of us would want our family to remember us as always being too busy for them. So, let’s try to live out a more intentional life. Let’s savor the moments as they come knowing that everything else will be taken care of in due time. Let’s not sacrifice our family to get one more thing done.

What ways do you slow down and intentionally savor the moment?

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11 Comments on Don’t Rush Through Life: Savor the Moment

    • Jamie, I totally agree with you! We need to constantly remind ourselves to slow down and enjoy the moment or we will miss it. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  1. Good advice. I’m rushing but I have to these days. My last child is in college prep mode and we are homeschooling and my dh has been out of work for over 18 months so I’m working hard to run two businesses. Plus I just had surgery so I feel like everything is a blur.

    • Be encouraged Jojo! You have a lot on your plate right now, so I totally understand why you are in a rushing mode. I will be lifting you and your family up in prayer. I hope things will slow down for you soon. Remember to take care of yourself which is very important to do. Thanks for stopping by and sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks Erin! I think all of us need to slow down. It is easy to get caught up with what we feel we need to do especially as moms. As we start to make the effort to slow down we will get better. 🙂

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