There is no doubt we live in a society dominated by self. How challenging it has become for parents to raise their kids as God-fearing, healthy adults in light of the culture we face today. We have a remarkable calling as parents to raise our boys to see God's true identity for them.

Raising Godly Boys: Cultivating Identity

Our current society has made it trendy to complain about having littles at home. The Cheerios in our hair, the inability to dress nicely or put on makeup without a kid screaming for our attention every second, etc. (although true and sometimes funny too). I’ve even heard a father recently discuss how children interfere with […] Read more…

If you are concerned about raising Godly boys, the first thing you need to remember is Relationship Before Rules. Those three words sum up wise, intentional parenting.

Concerned About Raising Godly Boys? Remember Relationship Before Rules

Are you concerned about raising Godly boys? Remember *relationship before rules*! Raising Godly Boys: Relationship Before Rules I heard my homeschool podcasting buddy, Dr. Melanie Wilson, say something about parenting that was simple and profound: Relationship before rules. Those 3 words sum up wise, intentional parenting for raising Godly boys. I have 4 sons, so […] Read more…

It's not enough to teach our boys to work hard, be kind and responsible, productive members of society. Teaching them to respect women is our job too. 

Raising Godly Boys Who Respect Women

I’m the oldest of four girls, raised by a single mother. Sadly, godly men were not abundant in our family. According to the National Center for Fathering, almost every social ill faced by America’s children is related to fatherlessness. Their article “The Consequences of Fatherlessness” states that: Being raised by a single mother raises the risk […] Read more…

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