The 31 Ways to Pray for Your Husband Journal is undated, so you can start at any time. Each journal page is structured around a particular area of your husband’s life – his spiritual growth, his integrity, his purpose, his vows of leading, and more.

Within each day, you are given a Scripture verse or verses to write in your journal. These verses are specifically chosen to cover an area in your husband’s life.

You will pray over your husband according to the scripture verse(s) you wrote. 

Each day also contains a place for you to write down specific prayer requests, and a place to write out your own prayer for your husband.

At the end of the journal is a God Working section, to record ways you have seen the Lord work in your husband’s life.

The 31 Ways to Pray for Your Husband Journal is a wonderful way to be intentional in loving your husband by praying for him every day.

The goal of this journal is to give you a guide to pray specifically, regularly, and adamantly for your husband.

Grab your The 31 Ways to Pray for Your Husband Journal as my gift from me to you.