Spanish Educational Solutions

Spanish Educational Solutions for Homeschoolers. We offer parents middle-high school courses and Elementary Curriculum 

The middle-high school programs provide parents with Spanish one and two courses so their teens can complete foreign language requirements and build solid Spanish communication skills with confidence beyond the academic focus. 

The elementary program is a video-speaking curriculum that provides parents with the teaching tool to offer their children daily language acquisition and practice so they can develop a solid fluency foundation.

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Foundational Independent Spanish 1 Course for Your Homeschooled Teen


An independent, self-study Spanish program to equip your middle or high school students to go from Spanish basics to conquering simple conversations with the support of native-speaking Spanish teachers.

Spanish Pronunciation Challenge for Teens

Is your teen up for the Spanish pronunciation challenge?

Give them the edge they need to excel in their language journey. This 5-day challenge focuses on mastering Spanish pronunciation, ensuring your teen starts the new school year with confidence. No more struggling to be understood or feeling embarrassed about mispronouncing words. Our engaging and interactive lessons will equip your teen with the skills to tackle pronunciation challenges head-on.

Expires: 7/31/23

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