Learn about the top 3 benefits that CTCMath offers for teaching boys and not only that you can also watch a video I did explaining it in much more details.

3 Top Benefits That CTCMath Offers For Teaching Boys

  As a homeschooling mom of three boys I’m always on the look out for resources, courses, curriculums, etc that will help my sons grow in specific areas. It’s not always easy finding those resources. There is a lot of trial and error that goes on at times when I’m searching the right curriculum. One […] Read more…

Let me share with you the math program that also teaches life skills. I share 3 important life skills that CTCMath can help your child with.

Alert! This Math Program Teaches Life Skills As Well

As homeschooling parents we are always looking for the best math program or curriculum for our family.  Why? Because math is a subject that you either struggle with or are good at. It’s a subject that many parents worry about because they want to make sure that their child grasps and understands the math concepts […] Read more…