homeschooling through a crisis

Are you homeschooling during a time of uncertainty? My friend Penney shares encouraging tips on how you can continue to homeschool in times of uncertainty.

Homeschooling in the Midst of the Uncertainty

Creative Ways to Homeschool When You are in a Place of Uncertainty Uncertainty makes it really hard to buckle down and concentrate and focus. It’s really hard to make plans when everything is in a state of limbo. It’s hard to even think straight when you don’t know what you will eat that day or […] Read more…

Dealing with the death of a loved one and homeschooling is not always easy but it is possible. Learn how to homeschool in the midst of a crisis.

How To Homeschool In The Midst Of The Death Of A Loved One

The reality of death is something that we can’t avoid. Eventually, it will touch our lives in some way. We will all experience the death of a loved one many times over in our lifetime. It is part of life and something that we need to learn to live with. Dealing with a loss and homeschooling […] Read more…