Learn how we can help you with your homeschool planning that works for YOUR family. We will help you plan out a customized plan that you can adapt for each year.

I’m always looking for practical ways that I can simplify and plan out my homeschool year. There are so many resources out there that are wonderful but it can be overwhelming. 

If I don’t stay focus, I can easily get distracted and lose sight of the freedom I have in homeschooling.

I have learned that homeschooling is not school at home.

That there is freedom in homeschooling or like I LOVE to say Lifeschooling.

Just like we have freedom to homeschool in the way that the Lord has called us too we also have the freedom to customize a plan that would fit perfectly with our family’s needs.

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Homeschool Planning

What I have discovered is that many homeschool families have a hard time planning, being consistent, not knowing where to begin, etc. and that’s why I felt lead to host the Intentional Homeschool Planning Conference.

I wanted it to be entirely focused on “planning” your ideal homeschool year. Where moms like yourself can discover out of the box ideas and embrace the true meaning of homeschooling.

This is a homeschool conference like no other you that you have ever seen. 

In addition to taking notes, you will be able to actually apply what you learn in real time.

We will have hands-on workshops where you can have your questions answered by the speakers in an intimate setting. 

And leave the conference feeling confident and equipped with your family’s customized plan that you can adapt for each year of your entire homeschool journey.

You will be able to connect with other homeschool families as you all learn together.

If you would like to learn more….click here.

We will show you how to plan your day, your week and your year.

Intentional Homeschool Planning Conference Giveaway Sponsors

The Intentional Homeschool Planning Conference has some generous and wonderful giveaway sponsors that are giving away some fantastic products and services to assist homeschool families in planning their homeschool year with purpose and peace. 

I invite you to enter one or all of the giveaways and encourage you to check out the companies sponsoring the giveaways. They have amazing products and resources that can assist you in planning out your homeschool year. 

Here is a list of resources that can assist you in your homeschooling and motherhood journey!

This Bit of Life

The Best Homeschool Life Planner

Where bullet journals meet traditional homeschool planners, The Best Homeschool Life Planner is here! This planner is filled with an attendance record, monthly and weekly page spreads that include reading and field trip logs, and customizable bullet pages to add in meal plans, curriculum logs, and so much more. This is named for what it is, the best homeschool life planner!

Purposeful And Meaningful

Anchored (4 weeks of Reviving Hope)

The name of the LORD is a strong tower the righteous runneth into it and is safe –Proverbs 18:10

My desire and prayer is that this study will help you, ?Embrace God‟s Truth in a world filled with lies. ?and Anchor your heart to the Unfailing Word.

Video web course with 5 lessons and worksheets, loop schedule templates, and exclusive FB group access!

Masterpiece Society

Mixing With the Masters, Volume One: Mixed Media Workshop is a multi-project eCourse

Mixing With the Masters, Volume One: Mixed Media Workshop is a multi-project eCourse with detailed videos and step-by-step instructions of each project. This course will give you and your kids a FUN, hands-on way to connect with the old masters and some of their most famous works. By becoming involved in the same processes these artists used, the elements and principles of art will come ALIVE!

Do A New Thing

Move Forward Mastermind

Two month membership in the Move Forward Mastermind … a community focused on making progress on your goals and projects with #toughgrace accountability.

Radiant Pearl Living

The Radiant Benefit Package

The Radiant Benefit Package includes a full planner including monthly, weekly spreads, devotional art journal with over 200 pages and a mp3 version of worship songs to accompany your at home journaling with your family.

BJ’s Homeschool

Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd edition

“Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd edition” lays out 10 easy steps for going from high school at home to college for your teen. Plus it is full of my best tips for helping your teen get into the college of their choice. This NEW edition includes 7 additional chapters full of up to date guidance for the Common Application, the College Essay, SAT/ACT Prep, etc. Make your high school planning easier with the 12 exclusive planning forms included, for everything from recording high school credit to writing the college essay and more.

A Work of Grace

Confidence Building Secrets to Becoming More Successful in your Homeschool

Confidence Building Secrets to Becoming More Successful in your Homeschool book: encouraging homeschool parents in their homeschool journey. Includes topics like cultivating joy, finding your ‘why’, getting through the first week, what to do when you feel like you are failing, what to do when you feel like giving up, etc. The book includes practical tips and wisdom from a 16 year homeschool veteran and teacher to homeschool families.

UnLock Math Inc.

UnLock Math

UnLock Math was created by homeschool parents Matthew & Alesia Blackwood. Alesia has taught high school math for 20+ years. She has poured her passion & enthusiasm for math into creating the online math curriculum voted #1 by homeschool families 3 years in a row (in Practical Homeschooling magazine)! Grades 6-12, unlimited practice & review, fully worked solutions after each question, with online chat for student support.

Spanish Educational Solutions LLC

Online Spanish Elementary Speaking Curriculum for the ENTIRE Family

Homeschool parent! Planning, lessons, teaching, worksheets done for you so your family can focus on learning and speaking Spanish.

Your Morning Basket

Kingdom First Homeschool

The Ultimate Independent Kids Binder

From the beginning of parenthood we do All The Things for our kids. We feed them, bathe them, clothe them, we have to teach them to to do everything. They are completely helpless and dependent upon us.

As our kids grow they are developing and learning skill after skill to be more self-sufficient and become independent. Most of the time, we as moms (raising my hand) struggle to let go and let them grow.

I am definitely guilty of helping my kids in the bathroom, cutting their food into tiny bites and much much more – waaaay too long! Anyone else?

Training your kids to be independent shouldn’t be so hard. The Ultimate Independent Kids Binder has all the tools your child needs to make this dream a reality!

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Proverbial Homemaker

The Rhythms & Routines Homeschool Planning System

Need a to do planning for your homeschool that keeps you on track but is flexible to fit your needs? Or even your moods? The Rhythms & Routines Homeschool Planning System helps you set up a routine that will help your homeschool THRIVE without locking you into burdensome lesson planning or tedious schedules. The system includes a video course and a printable planner that can be customized to your preference.


CTC Math – 12-Month Family Subscription

We use and love CTCMath! I encourage you to give CTC Math a try. It is definitely a curriculum that I recommend hands down! CTCMath is definitely a stress-free way of learning Math and a great way to keep up with Math when life throws you a curve ball.

Literary Adventures for Kids

Literary Adventures for Kids Elementary and Middle School Membership

Elementary and Middle School Online Book Club Membership – With a membership to Literary Adventures for Kids, you can easily add enchantment, inspiration and adventure to your homeschool. And with over 30 online book clubs to choose from, your children will be inspired to read from many different genres and levels.

Learn In Color

Ultimate Cheat Sheets for Math, Language Arts and History

Use these Ultimate Cheat Sheets for Math, Language Arts and History as a quick “cheat sheet!” Each booklet is designed as a compressed resource so you can quickly find the information you need, when you need it. Plus, each sheet is brightly colored and eye-catching without being too cluttered.

Grapevine Bible Studies

New Testament Master Teacher Book or eBook

Powerline Productions

A great addition to any study of Ancient Time, Ancient History Timeline begins with Creation (circa 4100 B.C.) and extends to A.D. 1000. This is an exciting way to create a beautiful teaching tool with your children. Learn history the fun way–with a timeline!

Over 300 timeline figures are included from the following historical epochs:

Creation, Flood & Ice age
Early Civilizations
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Israel
Jesus’Life & Times
Apostolic Age
Early Church
Early Missionaries
Fall of Rome
Byzantine Empire
This book includes attractive timeline pages to sort all your timeline figures. ​We have also included living book and movie suggestions at the beginning of each section. This timeline is a great addition to any study of Ancient History.


planner, pens, markers, notebooks

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