Month: December 2019

Learn about the top 3 benefits that CTCMath offers for teaching boys and not only that you can also watch a video I did explaining it in much more details.

3 Top Benefits That CTCMath Offers For Teaching Boys

  As a homeschooling mom of three boys I’m always on the look out for resources, courses, curriculums, etc that will help my sons grow in specific areas. It’s not always easy finding those resources. There is a lot of trial and error that goes on at times when I’m searching the right curriculum. One […] Read more…

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The Best 3 Random Acts of Kindness for Homeschoolers

There are so many articles on RAK but I’m yet to find one that shares fun ways to incorporate Random Acts of Kindness in your homeschool. So here I am sharing some of my creative ideas on how you can add RAK into your homeschool lifestyle without feeling like you are adding one more thing […] Read more…