Vicki Tillman

Vicki Tillman wants to help your homeschooling high school experience to be the best homeschool years of all. She is homeschool coach, blogger and high school curriculum developer for (and a mental health counselor). She has graduated all 4 of her sons (and her daughter) from homeschooling. You can do it, too!
If you are concerned about raising Godly boys, the first thing you need to remember is Relationship Before Rules. Those three words sum up wise, intentional parenting.

Concerned About Raising Godly Boys? Remember Relationship Before Rules

Are you concerned about raising Godly boys? Remember *relationship before rules*! Raising Godly Boys: Relationship Before Rules I heard my homeschool podcasting buddy, Dr. Melanie Wilson, say something about parenting that was simple and profound: Relationship before rules. Those 3 words sum up wise, intentional parenting for raising Godly boys. I have 4 sons, so […] Read more…