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My friend Ana Willis from They Call Me Blessed is having a blog party called 30 Ways We Homeschool blog party. Come take a look and see how 30 different homeschool families homeschool. Yes, you read that right!! You will be able to read about each mother’s method, routine, and schedule. The party has been going on and it is still going strong! It is not too late to get in the action. You can join the fun over at the facebook party event page, They Call Me Blessed facebook page or over at They Call Me Blessed site.

 30 ways to homeschool pic

I have personally enjoyed reading the different posts from all the wonderful mothers that have shared their homeschooling journey with us during the party. I am also looking forward to reading more as the days go by. The posts are written out like an interview so I think you will enjoy that format.

I am also one of the contributors and will be sharing my routines, schedule, and curriculum choices on June 24th…so be on the look out!

So why should you join the blog party?

If you have asked yourself any of the following questions then I encourage you to join.

~ If you are wondering how homeschooling your child may look like?

~ If you are interested in learning more about homeschooling? 

~ If you need inspiration, ideas or encouragement?

 ~ If you are still not sure if homeschooling is a good fit for your family?

Blast off into chalk art!

~ If you are homeschooling and wondering if you are doing enough?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions then this blog party is for you! You may find that reading these posts may answer your questions or ease some of your fears about homeschooling. Remember that each homeschool family is different. It’s not a one size fits all.

There is no right and wrong way to homeschool. You never know… These posts might encourage you in your own homeschool journey. It is well worth it! Just come on over and see for yourself.  If you haven’t joined the party yet!!

One more thing before you go…I want to share with you that there are 3 huge giveaways that are going on right now in celebration of the blog party. So don’t leave without entering the giveaways below and sharing them out to your friend!

Hope to see you at the party!


30 Ways We Homeschool – The Ultimate Homeschool & Mama Package

30 Ways We Homeschool – The Ultimate Homeschool Package

30 Ways We Homeschool – The Ultimate Early Years Homeschool Package

Jessica is a follower of Christ, wife, and mother of three energetic boys. She writes about homeschooling, frugal living, motherhood, intentional living and everything in between. Her heart is to inspire and encourage others to live an intentional life.

2 Comments on 3o Ways We Homeschool Blog Party & Giveaway

  1. I am so excited for you Jessica!!!
    I’m loving your new blog! Well done!!!
    May the Lord bless you and make you prosper in everything your hands may touch!
    You are a blessing and I know many will be encouraged by you here in your blog.

    • Awww Ana!!! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words they mean a lot to me!!! 🙂 You have encouraged me from the very beginning and have cheered me on every step of the way. I am blessed to have you in my life. I am excited to see what God has in store for both us. 🙂

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