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Looking for a preschool curriculum that teaches American Sign Language and also basic preschool concepts? Look no further Happy Hands is the course for you!

 I received this product free of charge for review purposes. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I was not required to post a positive review of the product.

American Sign Language has become popular among homeschoolers. Many parents are realizing that teaching their young children sign language helps foster early language development, stimulates brain development and helps with communication which can decrease tantrum behavior in young children. Those are just a few of the many benefits of teaching your young child ASL.

Just knowing those three benefits alone had me sold in wanting to teach my sons this beautiful and interactive language called American Sign Language. Even though my second language isn’t ASL it didn’t stop me from learning this amazing language and later on teaching it to my sons.

Why Teach Your Preschooler American Sign Language?

American Sign Language is not a difficult language to teach or to learn because it’s a very engaging language. In fact, it’s a lot of fun and it’s perfect for all ages, especially preschoolers because it requires movement. You see preschoolers are very active and they LOVE to learn new things.

When you include movement in teaching a new concept to your preschooler they will remember the lesson more because it was hands-on. That is why teaching them songs, poems, Bible verses, etc. with specific hand movements is so effective with young children. It helps them naturally remember what you taught them.

That is why ASL is such a great language to introduce to early learners. It’s a language that enhances a child’s learning and helps them retain what they learn for the fact that it utilizes many of their senses. ASL is a visual, hearing and tactile language which is perfect for young children because that’s how they learn.

The best way to teach your preschoolers is to involve a lot of hands-on activities. They learn by exploring, doing, having experiences and through play. ASL is a language that encourages all those things.

How you may ask?

Exploring- When they are learning how to sign they are exploring a new way to communicate with others.

Doing- They are learning how to use both their hands, facial expression and body language to convey with others.

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Experiences- Children naturally love to share with others about the new things they have learned. So by showing others the different signs they have learned they are gaining experience in communicating effectively with others using ASL.

Through Play- American Sign Language is a fun language to learn. Preschoolers will love it because you can teach signs through music, stories, games and hands-on activities.

When they are learning sign language they are watching the sign for a particular word, and hearing you say the word and then they use their hands to communicate with others.

Here Are 10 More Benefits Your Child Will Receive By Learning ASL

Learning American Sign Language…

  • helps develop their gross and fine motor skills.
  • strengthens their memory and recall of words.
  • develops their confidence.
  • offers a fun and playful way to learn and remember a variety of core concepts such as ABCs, Numbers, Colors, and more.
  • works well because it teaches using multiple learning styles.
  • will help them become familiar with the 4th most common language in the U.S.
  • helps develop their focus.
  • helps develop a stronger bond between parent and child.
  • accelerates speech development.
  • helps with vocabulary.

For these reasons many parents have chosen to teach American Sign Language in the early years.

Discovering Happy Hands American Sign Language + Preschool Blended Learning Course

When I discovered Happy Hands I was excited to find a course that was specifically for preschoolers. Even though I know there are many other programs out there that teach ASL to young children Happy Hands stood out from all the rest.


Because Happy Hands doesn’t just give an introduction to ASL but it’s also a blended preschool course.

You see, I have tried out many different preschool curriculums and hadn’t found one that nicely blends an introduction to both a foreign language and basic preschool concepts.

One of the many things I LOVE about this program is how the preschool and ASL lessons are woven together. It is such a fun, gentle and natural way of learning. If you are looking for stress-free preschool curriculum that’s engaging, customizable and it’s geared more towards exploring and playing – this would be a perfect fit.

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Looking for a preschool curriculum that teaches American Sign Language and also basic preschool concepts? Look no further Happy Hands is the course for you!


Here are 10 Reasons Why You will LOVE Happy Hands American Sign Language + Preschool Blended Learning Course…

  • Happy Hands covers all 10 benefits I mentioned above regarding what a child would receive by learning ASL. Yay!
  • Happy Hands curriculum helps your child learn by exploring, doing, having experiences and learning through play. All that a parent looks for in a preschool curriculum.
  • It provides 3 different monthly routine/lesson plans that you can choose from that’s already done for you.
  • You can customize the lessons based on your child’s interests and themes you want to cover first.
  • The program provides you a Master List printable that lists and links all the monthly themes and provides additional hands-on activities like sensory and craft ideas and field trip and outing ideas. So there is no need to be spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking for activity ideas!
  • It also provides you the ASL Video Master Vocabulary List printable so you have it all in one place.
  • The video lessons are short which helps keep your child focused on their lesson.
  • Everything is laid out for you and is very user friendly.
  • You can rewind and stop the videos in order to review the ASL signs and make sure your child learned the proper sign.
  • The printable packs that come with the course are colorful and fun to do. 😉 It includes ABC, Numbers and Colors printable packs and an ASL printable pack with suggested ideas on how to use them.
  • Extra Bonus: You too will learn how to sign.

Looking for a preschool curriculum that teaches American Sign Language and also basic preschool concepts? Look no further Happy Hands is the course for you!

If you are looking for something that’s fun, engaging then I encourage you to consider getting the Happy Hands American Sign Language + Preschool Blended Learning Course for your little one. I know you will truly enjoy it just as we have.

What languages are you teaching in your homeschool?

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