Month: May 2017

Want to be more intentional in organization? Take some time to reorganize, declutter and repurpose with these 3 secrets for intentional organization.

3 Secrets to Intentional Organization

The definition for organizing is “the action of organizing something”.  What a sweet and simple definition, right?   They make it sound so easy but I know many of us mommas find organizing a REAL struggle. The definition for intentional is “done with a purpose”. So what if we combined the word intentional to the beginning […] Read more…

"The days are long, but the years are short" - Gretchen Rubin If you are a homeschool Mama I feel this applies even more in our journey of Motherhood. We are with our kids all day long, every day, which causes one to assume that we are connecting with our kids all the time. Quite the opposite is the case, there are so many reasons homeschool parents can get distracted from the primary focus.

How to Prioritize Intentional One-on-One Time with Each of Your Children

I was a young mother in my local Mom’s Club.  One of the other mothers was a bit more experienced, a.k.a. She had 3 more children than I did.  What impressed me about her was that not only did she have 3 more children, but she spent intentional one-on-one time with each of them individually […] Read more…