Holy Spirit Nuggets

Come on over and join worship leader Sandra as she shares 4 steps on how to be intentional in your worship. Part of the Intentional in Life series!

How To Be Intentional In Your Worship In 4 Steps

As a singer and worship leader for many years, worship and music were intertwined in my life. They still are. I love how music can be used to worship the God of this universe. But one thing I had to clear up in my own life is that worship is not music. Whaaaaaat?! There is […] Read more…

Here is part 2 of the mini-course called Intentional Time Management for Busy Moms where Tauna talks about the last 3 practical steps in the mini-course.

Practical Steps for Intentional Time Management

This is part 2 of our little mini-course called Intentional Time Management for Busy Moms. In the first part, we talked about some areas you want to work through and action items to help you do that. We covered: 1 – Be realistic about time 2 – Be realistic about you 3 – Do not be […] Read more…

Busy moms, are you looking for intentional ways to get into God's word? Come on over and read my tips on how to do just that.

Intentional Ways In Helping Busy Moms Get Into God’s Word

As busy moms we wear so many hats throughout the day, Right? We are moms, doctors, referees, chauffeurs, chief, teachers, motivational speakers, and the list goes on.  We are CONSTANTLY needed and being pulled in many different directions because of all the responsibilities we have. Our family, home and everything else that is on our plate now need our attention. […] Read more…