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Here is my guest post about Fostering the Love of Learning over at They Call Me Blessed!

Before my husband and I had children it was settled in our hearts that we would homeschool them. We felt led by the Lord that this was His perfect plan for our family. Without any doubts, we jumped in with both our feet trusting Him every step of the way. We are now in our sixth year homeschooling and it has been an amazing journey, one that we will never trade for anything else in this world!

When my friend Ana shared her idea of wanting to do a “31 Reasons Why We Love Homeschooling” blog party, I had to participate. It took me a few minutes to pick my reason because I found it quite difficult to just pick only one from my big list of reasons. I decided to ask my son who is seven years old if someone would ask you “If you can share one reason why you love homeschooling, what would you say?” He thought about it for a few seconds and said: “Mom, I would tell them that I love it because I get to have free time to learn about the things that I love and I probably wouldn’t be able to do that if I were in public school.”

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He smiled and ran off to finish a project that he had been working on for few days. I thought about his statement, and what he said was true: if he was in a traditional school setting, he would not be able to explore his interests in-depth. The fact that we homeschool gives him the freedom to follow his interests. I also realized that I have been nurturing that love of learning in him throughout the years.

Love of learning

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