homeschool schedule

Have a crazy schedule while you are trying to homeschool? Wondering how you can do it all? Here are 10 tips to help you manage your crazy schedule.

How to Homeschool In the Midst of a Crazy Schedule

When a Crazy Schedule Creates Doubts “How do you do it all?” As a homeschool mom, you probably hear this question quite often from shocked outsiders and concerned friends. Being a mom is a tough enough job. Adding the responsibility of home educating ups that game. Sometimes, you may even ask yourself that same question. […] Read more…

Did you know that intentional homeschool planning is still possible even if you are a non-planner mom? You are gonna love this. Thank me later!

Intentional Homeschool Planning for the Non-Planner Mom

You read that right! Intentional homeschool planning for the non-planner mom. Welcome to homeschool non-planners anonymous; Hi, I’m Forest Rose, a homeschool mom and a blogger at Kingdom First Homeschool and I don’t plan. (teehee) That’s my confession… I am NOT a planner. Before you start throwing tomatoes let me explain. I’ve never been a […] Read more…