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This is part 2 of our little mini-course called Intentional Time Management for Busy Moms. In the first part, we talked about some areas you want to work through and action items to help you do that. We covered:
  • 1 – Be realistic about time
  • 2 – Be realistic about you
  • 3 – Do not be a martyr
  • 4 – You are not an island
Now we’re going to put pen to paper to start crafting flexible schedules and routines that reflect what we’ve been working on.
Here is part 2 of the mini-course called Intentional Time Management for Busy Moms where Tauna talks about the last 3 practical steps in the mini-course.

Here Are The Next 3 Practical Steps for Intentional Time Management

5 – Set Your Priorities

You now know how many hours you have to work with in the day. So what tasks do you choose to tackle? This is where priorities come in.
What are the things that you most want to do in your day and week? Is it reading aloud, enjoying nature, studying the Bible, acts of service, a particular family activity, keeping a clean and orderly house? Do you fit in self-care, like we talked about before?
Action Step: Write down your priorities for what tasks you want to accomplish each day and each week. Take a week or two to really pray and think about these things. Put them in order, make them specific, and refine them. Starting at the top, one by one, find places for them on your calendar or in your routines and begin to craft them into your daily life.
NOTE: Since we already know you have limited hours in the day, prepare yourself mentally for the reality that the lower down the list, the less likely they’ll find a spot on your calendar. That’s ok. We’re not called to do it all, mama! We’re called to do the most important things with excellence.

6 – Be A Creative Problem Solver

Where we usually fall apart is when we can’t fit our priorities into the time we have each day. You’ll need to start exercising those problem-solving muscles and begin to treat every obstacle to accomplishing your work in this way!
Here’s what I do when I find myself frustrated that I can’t get something done during the week. First, take a step back and look at things objectively as possible (pretend a friend has asked you for advice on how to tackle this problem). Then follow these steps:
  1. Identify the problem: What am I trying to accomplish? (when to clean the bathrooms, finding time for grading papers, staring a chore routine, etc)
  2. Identify the goal: What is the specific goal? (clean the bathrooms twice a week, grade papers every day, teach my kids chores and get help with housework)
  3. Identify an anchor: What event during the day can I anchor my goal to? It’s best if it’s something that always happens, such as a meal time. Anchor your goals to rocks, not sand.
  4. Develop a solution: Decide how you will anchor your goal to that event and plan for any obstacles! Then pencil it onto your calendar and start practicing it.
  5. Revise and repeat as needed: Often it takes several tries to get the right solution. It’s worth the effort!
 Here is part 2 of the mini-course called Intentional Time Management for Busy Moms where Tauna talks about the last 3 practical steps in the mini-course.

As an example of this process, I have been working on more intentional prayer in my life this year. With a newborn and 5 other young kids, it’s been a challenge!

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So, my problem is not enough prayer time. My goal is to have 15-20 minutes of dedicated prayer and meditation each day, preferably in the morning. But my 4 year old keeps waking up at 6 and the morning (along with my attitude) falls apart.

My solution has been to anchor my prayer time to 6:00 AM since I’m up with him anyway. Last night I put the rocker glider in the hall where I can monitor all the kids’ rooms, including my 4 year old. I also moved our awesome wake up clock to his room (it turns green when it’s time to get up).

Now I go out into the hall at 6 and do my studies and prayer in the rocker while at the same time teaching and training him to obey and play or rest quietly in his room until the light turns green. Eventually things will change and I’ll need to adjust the plan, but it’s working for now!

Action Step: Choose one task you’ve been wanting to fit into your busy schedule and go through each of the problem solving steps above. This is also likely to be where you hit a mental roadblock, so if you need help brainstorming, feel free to contact me (see my contact info at the end of this post) and we can come up with some ideas together! 

7 – Progress, Not Perfection!

One of the most important thing to remember is that this is about progress, not perfection. Limited hours, long to-do lists, and a desire to do the most important things with excellence means that we have to let some things go. Things like spotless homes, gourmet meals, and some activities. But that’s ok! When we focus on Christ and practice intentional time management, we are on the right track!

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You can totally do this, ladies! Once you have intentionally practiced this approach and have it under your belt, you will be able to adapt and adjust your daily work to accomplish your goals. Consider time managed. 😉

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