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As homeschooling parents we are always looking for the best math program or curriculum for our family. 


Because math is a subject that you either struggle with or are good at. It’s a subject that many parents worry about because they want to make sure that their child grasps and understands the math concepts they need and are learning.

You don’t only want them to understand it but also to know how to apply it in real life. Math is found everywhere, and you can’t avoid it. 


So, knowing at least the basic concepts of math are crucial. 

Let me share with you the math program that also teaches life skills. I share 3 important life skills that CTCMath can help your child with.

It’s important for us that our children do well with their math lessons because no matter what career path they take math will somehow be involved. 

Knowing this truth, we want to help our children when we see them struggling. We try to resolve the problem by either teaching the math concept another way, getting a tutor, changing curriculum, etc.

We want our children to master the concepts so it becomes a part of them. Many times we don’t know how to do that or where to begin. 

Math struggles

I once struggled with teaching my son math and helping him understand his lessons. I know how frustrating it can be when you see your child struggling and you have tried one thing after another and not able to resolve the problem.

Heading into our 8th year of homeschooling I have had my share of curriculum hopping, more than I care to admit. Now, don’t get me wrong I love to be able to try out new curriculums. That is the only way that I will be able to know if it’s a good fit for our family or not. 

But when I find something that works… I do my happy dance! Because that means that for this homeschool year I found a curriculum that is a great fit for our family. 

CTCMath Program Made a Difference in Our Homeschool

This is the 2nd year that we will be using CTCMath as our math program. CTCMath has worked beautifully for us this past school year and I know it will be the same this year. 

The first year we used CTCMath we had a loss in our family. That loss made me reevaluate and change how I was homeschooling my oldest. The way that CTCMath is set up allowed us to stay consistent with our math lessons. 

Keeping up with our math lessons was important to me because math is a subject that you don’t want to fall behind on. Also, the fact that we were grieving made me focus on only a few subjects during that time and math was one of them. 

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I love how the lessons are short which makes it easy for our son to focus on the math concepts he is learning. He is also able to get his math done within 15-20 minutes. Not only is he able to complete his lesson but it will also grade it for me. Yay! One less thing for me to worry about!

Wouldn’t you agree?!?

Also when he finishes his lesson I’m able to go through the lesson with him and go over any of the problems that he may need extra assistance with. 

Oh, and one of the features that I love is that I receive a progress report via email to let me know how he did in his assignments each week.

A math program that teaches your child more than just math skills.

When picking out a curriculum for my family I don’t only look at the academics part of the program/curriculum but I also look to see if any life skills can be acquired in using the particular program.

Teaching life skills to our boys is important to us. We want to prepare them for the real world and the calling the Lord has for each one of them.

I believe that life skills are as important as academics. So finding a curriculum or program that teaches both the academics and life skills are a BIG win for me.

The math program that also helps develop life skills in your child is CTCMath.

Here are 3 Life Skills that this Math Program Helps Develop in Your Child

1. It helps develop independence. 

It helps your child take ownership of their studies. They are able to log in on their own and navigate their student dashboard very easily. In cultivating independence in your child will help free you up to work with another child, make a phone call or get dinner ready while they’re working on their lesson. 

 2. It helps develop critical thinking.

When your child thinks critically in mathematics, they make reasoned judgments or decisions about what to think and do. They are taught different strategies to solve different problems. Those strategies helps them to decide which approach to use. It also helps them analyze their own responses and make real life connections with the world around them.

 3. It helps develop their focus.

Focus is a thinking skill that allows you to keep your attention upon the task at hand until that task is complete. CTCMath helps develop that focus because they have made the lessons short. By making the lessons short it helps maintain your child’s full attention in learning that specific math skill or concept being taught. 

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So when a curriculum or program assists me in not only teaching the academics but also in teaching life skills I’m totally sold! 

Math Should Be Enjoyed

Math shouldn’t be the cause of heart ache, it should be a subject that your child enjoys or at least doesn’t mind learning about. 

CTCMath has made math more enjoyable. It has helped me stay consistent in getting math done especially with the busy schedule I sometimes have.

It also helped in filling in the gaps that my son had because I have access to all grade levels. I’m able to customize it to fit his needs and move him from different grade levels to cover different math concepts which you can’t do with other math curriculums. 

Give this Wonderful Math Program a Try

I encourage you to give CTCMath a try. It is definitely a curriculum that I recommend hands down!

CTC Math is a stress-free way of learning Math and a great way to keep up with math when life throws you a curve ball.

This math curriculum is perfect for any season or circumstance you find yourself in at the moment. It doesn’t matter if you have a crazy schedule, had a major interruption, are dealing with chronic illness or are grieving the loss of a loved one. This curriculum is worth checking out and giving it a try.

If you like to be able to check out the program before you buy it go ahead and sign up for their Free Trial and see how CTC Math can work for you and your family. 🙂

Grab This Awesome Deal

I also want to mention that homeschooling families receive an amazing 50% discount off the regular price. 

That means that you would pay $148.50 for the year PLUS receive a bonus of 6 additional months FREE when you purchase the 12-month membership which covers your ENTIRE family. 

If you would like to have a closer look inside CTCMath check out my video review where I walk you through all the awesome features so you can get a real feel for why so many homeschool moms love this online math program and are making the switch.

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