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Life I right!? Come see what my latest guest Rhiannon has to share about being intentional with Christ in the Chaos.

Intentional With Christ In the Midst of Mom Life

Two years ago, I became a mom. We brought home a beautiful baby girl and everything changed. I was no longer just a wife I was a wife and mom. When my husband was at work I was no longer taking care of myself and the house I was also taking care of this new, tiny human. I had no idea how my life would change. One thing that got harder as she got older was quiet time. Sleep would overtake me, brain fog would wipe me out, time was not on my side. What could be done about this? How was I going to be intentional with Christ when I barely had time to cook?

As a new mom or even a seasoned mom, it can be a real challenge to manage our time and to find time to be with Jesus. What can we do when everything revolves around what our children need? How can we set aside time for what our souls need?


Mornings. If I am being honest I like the idea of getting up early more than I actually like getting up. I always admired my Nana for getting up early, getting her coffee, settling down to her bible study and spending time in the word. I remember being annoyed that she would be up rattling pans and starting her day while I was being lazy and sleeping in.

As I have gotten older I realize how precious that time was for her. She didn’t have any young children at home to try and get up before but she did want to give God the first part of her day. When we first wake up are we being intentional with Christ and our time or constantly playing catch-up?

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For the past year or so I have tried (I’m not perfect at it, still a work in progress) to utilize my mornings as a time for me and God. The house is quiet, the coffee is hot and there is a peace that helps me enter His presence.

I have had to learn that being intentional in the chaos of my schedule as a mom and wife requires a sacrifice. Sleep is great and we do need it to function as we chase our littles but when we choose to make God a priority He honors our time and our sacrifice.

Life I right!? Come see what my latest guest Rhiannon has to share about being intentional with Christ in the Chaos.

First Fruits

When we think about stewardship what comes to mind? For many, it’s their finances. Many of us have been taught that being a good steward is tithing 10% of our income and giving God the first fruits of our finances.

That is a great principle and my family definitely lives by this but this year God set in my heart the desire to take stewardship to the next level. He has been teaching me that it expands outside of finances and into every area of our lives. We are not only commissioned to be good stewards of finances but also of time, relationships, and talents.

When we set out to be intentional with Christ there is no quick and easy formula for making this happen. It takes time, consistency and stewardship. When we decide that God gets the first fruits of our day and our time the rest of what we set about to do is open for a blessing.

Building Habits

While there’s no formula to make this an easy process there are a few things that can help us to build the habit of being intentional with our quiet time.

  1. Decide the night before to make time the next day for God. If mornings can’t happen, then decide what time in the evening can be set aside.
  2. Set aside at least 10 minutes to pray and get in the word. Remember it’s not about quantity but quality.
  3. Take a verse with you throughout the day. Whatever you read that morning take a verse from it and write it down. Carry it with you throughout the day and ask God to help you apply it.
  4. Pray throughout the day. In 1 Thessalonians 5:17 it says, “pray without ceasing.” We can be intentional with Christ by carrying on our conversation with God throughout the day.
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Remember that habits take time. Give yourself grace, but don’t slack. If you miss a day or something comes up don’t let it stop you from getting up the next morning determined to be with God. Intentional means “done on purpose, deliberate.” Let’s set out to be deliberate with our quiet time with Christ and the fruit of it will blow us away.

How are you intentional with your relationship with Christ in the chaos of life?

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5 Comments on How to be Intentional with Christ in the Chaos of Life

  1. Being intentional with Christ during chaotic times is the one thing that has kept me going. Like you mentioned in your post, quality matters over quantity. I don’t want to rush through His Word. Often when it is busy, I used to be tempted to do that. Now, it doesn’t matter if it is just a few Scriptures to meditate on or to listen to the (audible) Bible, I hold onto those truths and they sustain me.

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