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Summer is here! 

It is a time to enjoy the long summer months by doing things with our families. I’ve been working on our summer schedule for the last couple of weeks and have been looking for fun and frugal activities that we can do together this summer.

Are you looking for a way to make this summer unforgettable? Here is a list of free and frugal summer fun activities that you can do as a family this summer. #summerfunideasforkids #summeractivitiesforkids #summerfunforfamilies


Knowing that I don’t have a lot of summers left with our boys I have been very intentional with my planning. I decided to include our sons in the planning process and it’s been fun to hear the different things they would like to do this summer.

They have come up with some great ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of.

In order to keep track of everything we will be doing this summer, we decided to make 4 different lists that will later serve us as a keepsake when we are done.

We also made sure that we made our lists short so we wouldn’t get overwhelmed and feel defeated if we didn’t get everything on our list done this summer. 

Our lists are simple, flexible, and doable because we know that life happens and I wanted to make sure to keep that in mind. So if we need to make any adjustments to our lists we can do so without feeling guilty. 

Our Summer Activity Planning Lists

Here are the different lists that we came up with… 

1) A summer family bucket list We made a list of activities of things we wanted to do together this summer. For example: go to the movies with friends, go on a hike, go camping in our back yard, etc.

2) A summer life skill list- I made a separate list for each of my boys. We picked a few life skills to work on or improve on over the summer.
For example: prepare a simple meal, learn how to care for a wound, learn organization skills, etc.

3) A summer family reading list- I would be the one keeping track of all the books and audiobooks that we read and listen to this summer.

4) A summer family project list-
this is a list of projects that we can do together as a family. For example: start a family business, start a Youtube channel, do random acts of kindness as a family, etc.

I hope this idea of creating a summer fun activity list would encourage you to sit down with your family and create your very own summer lists. <3

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Frugal & Free Summer Fun Activities & Programs

Many of us will be traveling as others enjoy their STAYcation. Many will be trying to find fun activities in their communities that their children can participate in. So I thought I can help you by highlighting some of the programs that I know are available right now.

Summer Fun Reading Programs

Public Library– Your local library is the first place you should stop by and check out. Every year they have a fun theme and their programs all revolve around the theme. Many provide prizes, games, certificates, goodie bags, and a party at the end of the program.

Barnes and Noble– They have a summer reading program every year. All you have to do is download their reading journey and answer 3 of the 4 questions found in the journal. When your child completes the journal you go to the nearest Barnes and Noble and turn it in to receive your FREE book from a list that they have assigned by grades.

Scholastic- Their summer reading challenge encourages your child to read and record their minutes online. They will be able to unlock digital rewards as they complete weekly reading challenges; and access book excerpts, videos, and other summer-exclusive content.

Bible Reading- There is a great Bible reading plan that you can do this summer with your children. It is for all ages which would work for any family size. It includes scripture, questions, and activities that both young and older children can do to enhance the lesson.

Summer Fun Activities

If your children enjoy bowling or skating then these two programs are for you.

Kids bowl free is a program designed for the bowling centers to give back to their community. Children fifteen and under receive two free games a day throughout the summer. All you would have to pay for would be the shoe rental and any other member that would like to play.

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Kids Stake Free is a program designed to provide parents with a safe and fun environment for their children. Your child(ren) you sign up for will receive two free sessions. Age requirements vary and you would need to contact your skating center for further information. You would have to pay for the skates rental unless you have your own. If any other member would like to skate they would have to pay the original price.

Fun Online Programs

Literary Adventures for Kids- This is an online book club that takes you on a literary adventure into classic novels, modern literary works, classic poems, and picture books. What I love about these online book clubs is that its more than just reading a book and answering questions.

It helps you dig deeper into the story by sending you on rabbit trails as you adventure through your chosen book. So go on over and plan which adventure you will embark on this summer. Your adventure awaits!

Music in Our Home- Provides you with online music courses to help bring music into your home. I wanted to mention the Musical Instruments Notebooking Pages (which is a PDF download of 219 different musical instruments from around the world) which can serve as a great unit study to do this summer. Also, her other music courses would be a great addition as well. 

So there you have it…. a list of summer fun activities that you can do this summer with your family. 🙂

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What summer fun activities do you do with your family during the summer?


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